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SHM Property Services provides a whole range of arboreal, lawn care and landscaping services anywhere in (greater) Melbourne. Our experienced arborists and landscaping technicians have over 40 years of knowledge available to serve you.

We design landscapes, Maintain lawns & gardens, are certified Arborists and much more.
SHM is one-stop-shop for all of Melbourne's property service needs.

Top Tips from our pro's

Lawn Care

Top three tips for a healthy lawn
  • Water your lawn the right way: It is far better to water your lawn deeply and less frequently. Root penetration is key.
  • Don’t cut too short: Cutting grass too short weakens it. Longer grass grows stronger and thicker and crowds out weeds. Weed seeds can’t germinate easily since they don’t get much light. Established weeds have a tougher time competing with the surrounding turf.
  • Don’t let a few weeds, or pests, get out of hand: The best way to prevent weeds and pests is to target them before they emerge and to act quickly when they do.


Top three landscaping tips to boost curb appeal
Clever landscaping can make a lawn come to life and it can certainly boost the curb appeal of your home. Even on a tight budget, you can make a big impression!
  • Plan for Year-Round Appeal: Evergreen shrubs retain their leaves or needles all year long, so they’re constantly providing cover and color. Placed near the house, such as in front of corners, can help soften the vertical lines of the house, giving it a more inviting appearance.
  • Connect Points of Interest With a Walkway: Construct a pathway, or any other landscaping feature from material that’s the same or similar to what’s used on the exterior of the house, such as a brick or stone, because it will tie the path aesthetically to the home. Or use the material to provide a striking edging along the walkway.
  • Create Curved Lines Instead of Straight Ones: Installing the edging in creative curves instead of perfectly straight lines adds appeal and character. The edging is permanent, so it enhances the landscape all year long.

Tree Care

Top four tips for healthy trees and hedges
Practice the PINE method: prune, inspect, nourish and extend.
  • Prune unruly branches
  • Inspect trees for dying limbs, insect damage or signs of disease
  • Nourish trees with water and organic mulch
  • Extend next year’s growing season by planting new trees in the fall

Our Service Area

Banyule City Council

  • Bellfield
  • Briar Hill
  • Bundoora
  • Eaglemont
  • Eltham North
  • Greensborough
  • Heidelberg
  • Heidelberg Heights
  • Heidelberg West
  • Ivanhoe
  • Ivanhoe East
  • Lower Plenty
  • Macleod
  • Montmorency
  • Rosanna
  • St Helena
  • Viewbank
  • Watsonia
  • Watsonia North
  • Yallambie

Darebin City Council

  • Alphington
  • Bundoora
  • Fairfield
  • Kingsbury
  • Macleod
  • Northcote
  • Preston
  • Reservoir
  • Thornbury

Whittlesea City Council (partial)

  • Bundoora
  • Epping
  • Lalor
  • Mernda
  • Mill Park
  • South Morang
  • Thomastown
Are you just outside of our service area? No worries! Get in touch and we will do our best to accomodate you.