Landscaping Services
Residential, Strata Corp & Council Projects

Designs to suit your budget

  • Full Garden (Re)construction:

    Includes design, supply and the installation of plants, rocks, mulch and irrigation
  • Basic Garden Makeover:

    Ideal for increasing curb appeal prior to renting or selling.
  • Garden Revamp:

    For gardens that have been allowed to grow wild, we can cut the lawn, uproot the vegetation, cut back hedges and trees.

Landscaping Options

  • Paving

    Versatile in their design and function making them a great material to use in multiple outdoor spaces. As well as being a low maintenance option, pavers can also hold extreme weight and withstand weather conditions.
  • Retaining Walls

    A fantastic way to separate areas of your backyard through different levels, maximising your garden space and creating character.
  • Turfing

    If your lawns are looking a little worse for wear you should consider replacing them. SHM can remove the old lawn and replace with new soil and pre grown turf. The supply, delivery and installation of Sir Walter Buffalo turf starts at just $60 per sqm.
  • Garden Planting

    Already bought your plants? We can help you to dig and plant out your gardens. We also offer competitive pricing on wholesale plants, so we can help you to create the perfect garden for your area and plant it out with the best plants for your needs.

    Finish this off with some fresh mulch to help with moisture retention, increase nutrients and the longevity of your garden beds.
  • Top Soil and Seed

    Top dressing is the process of spreading a soil mixture over your lawn, to a depth of 1cm. This has a variety of benefits, from correcting poor soil prior to seeding; by filling in low spots and evening out the lawn; to adding nutrients that may otherwise be missing from the soil. Adding additional seed to your lawns then help to fill in thin areas or your lawn.

    Top dressing your lawn can help your lawn in a few different respects. On top of leveling and enriching your soil, it also helps prevent the build-up of the dead grass blades and stems know as thatch, improve drainage and nutrient retention of your soil, and increases its resistance to pests and diseases.

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